Changing your choices

You can change your choice of investments at any time.

You can do so by investing your future contributions into your new investment choice, this is known as a ‘redirection’. To redirect your future contribution, please complete the online ‘Investment’ form which can be found in the member area of this website.

You can also consider whether you wish to leave your fund accrued from previous contributions where it is currently invested, or move it into your new investment fund, this is called a fund switch. If you would like to switch funds, please contact the Occupational Pensions Administration Team on

Please be aware that the Administrator may charge you a fee if you make more than two fund switches within a scheme year. The Investment Manager will apply transaction costs on the sale and purchase of the units within your funds. This is called a bid/offer spread.

Fund switches may be useful in certain situations, for example if you are near to your Normal Retirement Age and wish to move from a higher rated portfolio into a lower risk rated portfolio, but because of the potential cost to you, the Trustee strongly recommends that you seek advice from a suitably qualified adviser before proceeding.