STM Fidecs Gibraltar Occupational Pension Schemes offer retirement and death benefits for their members and their families.

This website focuses on the details of the schemes, which operate as a long-term savings plans and are designed to give you choice and flexibility. Both you and your Employer can make contributions to your own Members Account which is invested in the way you choose from the available investment options and which will be used to provide a fund for your retirement.

The schemes are administered on a web-based computer system. This means you can access your details online. You can make changes to your personal details, view your contribution history, and get up-to-date valuations.

You can also log into your pension account from this site to view and amend your personal details, it will also give you personalised information about your actual Members Account, contributions, investments, and the benefits payable.

The Occupational Pensions Administration Team can answer any queries you may have about the way the schemes operate and what the immediate and long-term benefits are for you. Please take the time to read through the site. If you have any queries, please EMAIL US