If adequate evidence is produced and the Company agrees to you retiring due to Incapacity, the value of your Pension Account will be increased.

The increase will be equal to one month’s Pensionable Earnings multiplied by the number of complete years of service you could have completed from the date of your retirement to the Normal Retirement Date (subject to a maximum of 24 years).

If you are suffering from Total Incapacity, the reference to one month’s Pensionable Earnings is increased to three month’s and the 24 years’ restriction is waived. You will then be able to purchase an Annuity with the balance of your increased Pension Account, after any cash sum you may have taken.

Date of early retirement:
Employee fund:
AVCs fund:
Employer fund:
AVCs bonus fund:
Employer bonus fund:
Total fund at retirement:
Total gross annual pension:
OR: Tax-free cash sum:
AND: A residual annual pension: